More than 200 000 years ago, the first humans migrated from Africa to Europe and then to all other continents and claimed the newly discovered land plots as their own. They then started to unite as communities, first assembling as tribes, villages, cities then regions and states, writing along the…

The token burn event will happen in two steps:

  • December 1st 2021: 10% (about 7M) of the total supply will be burned.
  • January 20th 2022: another 10% (about 7M) of the total supply will be burned.

As Etherland advances in its development, the large amount of tokens allocated to the platform and IT development is no longer needed.


The ELAND Token will be accepted on LuxFI, a product digitalization platform for luxury goods. The market of NFTs representing real physical assets is about to skyrocket in the near future and LuxFI is the game changer that we all need for registration of our luxury product as a digital asset. As a registration platform for real estate data, Etherland strongly supports this project that is pushing NFT adoption once step further.

LuxFI on the Metaverse

LuxFi is the world’s first asset-backed NFT marketplace for luxury assets, where people can buy, sell and invest in luxury assets using cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods. Leveraging on their big data intelligence system and unique algorithm for automated data collecting and data processing, they eliminate counterfeiting while minting an…

Recording the world’s cultural heritage on the Blockchain

It is time to revive the best architecture creation of the past. Often lost in time and rubbed from our memories, our ancestors have created hundreds of outstanding monuments that deserve to stay visible for the next generations.

Because of wars, maintenance costs, natural disasters or even human negligence, those…

This is a complete guide showing how to bridge your ELAND token from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Polygon Network (previously Matic) as well as using this network Decentralized Exchange leader QuickSwap for your transactional needs. The Matic Web Wallet only supports MetaMask and the Coinbase Wallet, however QuickSwap does…

Due to recent gas fees increasing on the Ethereum network, it has become everyday more expensive for traders and especially alt coins holders to swap their tokens. Sometimes even reaching a hundreds of dollars for a simple Uniswap transaction, the network has become unsustainable in the short term.

This LAND ID will allow surfers and beach lovers to share their performances and the best moments in pictures and video on the Unique Estatepedia of the Surfing Post. You want to own a Beach Surfing Spot on the World Metaverse?

This campaign have involved people all over the world, to go out and catch Eland Tokens and share their favourite places in the World. It has been an amazing experience and we wish to thank all participants who will receive as a reward 1000 ELAND Token.

10 Videos have been…

Etherland’s applications to Real Estate applies a strict process of verification and moderation in order to check that the LAND ID submitted do respect copyright and trademark laws.

What place can I register on the World Metaverse?

There are two type of registration: as the actual owner or not.

Obtaining a verified status as the actual owner:

If you wish to…


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