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Creating a worldwide community of decentralised digital landowners.

Etherland is coming to the Polygon (MATIC) network with the creation of the first ELAND — Stable Coin pool on June 2nd 2021. In preparation of this event, token holders may already bridge their ELAND using the Matic Network Bridge. Etherland is also launching on Polygon (MATIC) a new and exclusive NFT’s collection to be revealed soon!

The Tokenomics behind the Eland token is designed to create a strong adoption around powerful Real Estate Data and Mapping applications such as Etherland.

Freedom of space, freshness, adventure and style! Waves and Surfing Spots are unique, so as Non-Fungible tokens : Surfing and NFTs are the perfect combination.

This LAND ID will allow surfers and beach lovers to share their performances and the best moments in pictures and video on the Unique Estatepedia of the Surfing Post. You want to own a Beach Surfing Spot on the World Metaverse?

We have the pleasure to announce the 10 videos selected to be eligible for the voting in the ELAND Token Mobile App Contest!

NFT is a hot market, however, is it possible to create NFTs out of everything? There is an obvious answer to that… The Non-Fungible Tokens are new, so to last in time, they have to respect the laws of each and every country regarding image copyrights. Fortunately, creators of LAND IDs can follow those simple rules to check if a place is or not under a copyright law. Here is the ultimate guide to read before submitting a LAND ID to Etherland’s marketplace.

What place can I register on the World Metaverse?

There are two type of registration: as the actual owner or not.

To celebrate the launch of the registry, the first 50 eligible LAND IDs will be created and distributed for free! Do you already have a place in mind, or do you want to register your own house? Read the full article and get prepared for registering the most amazing places of our planet! The adventure begins Wednesday, May 5th!

While you fill the registration form on or use the Etherland’s mobile…

We have noticed last months an overall increase of side chain solutions due to increasing gas fees on the Ethereum Blockchain. This has shown a clear vulnerability in terms of ETH scalibility. However, new DEFI systems and Smart Contracts solutions are emerging and that is a good sign for adoption (for Ethereum, Etherland and all other Blockchain dapps).

Catch Etherland balloons on your Mobile app while making a video, post it on Youtube, send us an email with the link and get rewarded with cryptocurrencies!


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