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Creating a worldwide community of decentralised digital landowners.

More than 200 000 years ago, the first humans migrated from Africa to Europe and then to all other continents and claimed the newly discovered land plots as their own. They then started to unite as communities, first assembling as tribes, villages, cities then regions and states, writing along the treaties defining borders to keep the acquired fields within their communities. What was at the time inexpensive foreign land, free to claim, then became highly valuable real estate property.

For ages, they were no notary system, no cadaster, no paperwork, no land registry and obviously no internet. The first system…

Etherland is all about the connection with the world that surround us. While technology can bring us into a virtual world, it can also make us closer than ever to reality. The Etherland mobile app is a new way to experience your surrounding and far beyond while getting rewarded! Dive into the World’s unique Metaverse, travel the globe and own NFTs of your favorite places!

Catch LAND ID and ELAND prizes!

Inside the app, every prize is displayed on the world map and linked to precise geographic coordinates. Look for the ones close to you and travel to the location. Once arrived, open the Augmented Reality Mode, aim at the token and tap it to catch your prize.

Every Augmented Reality treasure hides a mystery to discover!

You may obtain up to 1000 ELAND tokens or even get a LAND ID!

To celebrate the launch of the app, 1 Million ELAND Tokens, 10 LAND IDs and 10 Vouchers to create your NFT for free! This giveaway will spread throughout the globe for you to catch from 15th April to 15th May!

  • Every AR catched may…

Welcome to Etherland AR mobile App application and catch NFTs with your phone! Etherland AR mobile app will enable users to catch and get LAND ID Tokens in their wallet. A few of Etherland’s NFT of places will be FREE and hidden on the World Metaverse map. When you locate one of those gems, just go to that precise location, open the Augmented Reality mode and tap the coin to collect it!

The coming mobile application for Etherland will be released during April 2021 and will include 3D Augmented Reality models that are linked with your Land Identification Tokens. You will be able to receive your precious NFT of places directly to your Ethereum Wallet once you have caught the corresponding AR. For real estate property owners, the AR will be sent directly to their location. By catching the valuable AR, you will validate your ownership and the LAND ID will be received in your Ethereum ERC20 wallet.

Since the beginning of the year, the crypto market has opened its eyes to the (non-fungible token) NFT market. Movie stars, famous artists, crypto-whales, traders and investment funds have built a large portfolio of NFT Tokens. Lately, Elon Musk wife, Grimes has created her own collection with a debut auction that sold in 20 minutes for 5.8M.

As a result, the market has gained momentum and there is still plenty of space for potential growth because it is small compared to the overall crypto market of 1.4 Trillion USD (as the time we write).

“In fact, the non-fungible token (NFT) market tripled in 2020, with the total value of transactions increasing by 299% year on year to more than $250m, according to a new study released by, an NFT market analyst firm. Developed with support from foresight business L’Atelier BNP Paribas, the report — the third annual study of the NFT market — finds that NFTs…

As the number of applications connected to the internet rises, the number of centralized stores of data increases. However, this model is hardly scalable nor sustainable. A new solution called IPFS is born that allows us to store all our data in all the computers in the world without having to use centralised system providers.

What is the major issue with Internet?

The Amazon Web Services outages from last November showed the world how Spotify, Autodesk, Coinbase, Flickr and other big mainstream platforms are overly exposed to full-service stoppage when their web-hosting providers are down.

Yet, such fragility is not surprising when we look back at how…

Creating a Land Identification token of your favourite place in the World will make you a digital landowner.

We are entering the world of Digitalization. No sectors will be left apart and real estate is at the center of all services. Etherland is an interoperable platform embedding different technological solution with its own decentralized network for storing data of Real-World places. It will enable people to create and own a digital LAND ID of any place or real estate in the World. Owning a piece of this World’s Metaverse will empower people with control over the information scattered over the internet and will let them become digital owners!

In their current form, real estate data and information is often difficult to access, outdated and lacking transparency. Even worst, we don’t have one place where to store, display and trace our real estate information. This in the long term may result in creating frauds over the authenticity of the data, not counting the thousands of disputes over ownership and borders when the precious land information has been lost.

Since the internet revolution, the number of technologies at our disposal to change the real estate sector have grown tremendously. Not only we now have tools like the Blockchain bringing security and immutability to the data, but we have better mapping software, decentralized cloud networks, and different visualization tools like AR.

In other words, we have many ways to improve the user experience while creating more reliable real estate identification registries. …

ELAND is an upgraded ERC20 blockchain protocol for use mainly in serious gaming, data storage, green projects and real estate applications. We believe in changing the Agricultural data and management sector for the better. All the same, we can go further by enlarging the scope of applications for the benefit of the whole Real Estate sector.

For ELAND blockchain applications, only the World is the limit!

  • The Agricultural Land software application is still being in the development stage and a lot of progress has been made.
  • Pushing the whole Real Estate sector into the Green Economy: we have conceptualised a new type of Carbon Credit Reward platform for Real Estates. EVERY Eco-friendly real estate digitalized on the World Metaverse will be rewarded in tokens to incentive owners into transforming their property into environmental friendly places.
  • In the 2nd quarter of 2021, the mobile app and registration for custom NFT’s of places will be live. And we will then have more information on upcoming applications.


Digital layers are slowly overtaking the real world. Humans are losing control and freedom. To tackle this issue, thinking outside of the box like we often do nowadays, is not enough. We have to recreate the box and its interactions.

“Take the Red Pill or Blue Pill?” Is there another choice?

Morpheus to Neo: “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

The digitalisation of our society is growing at a fast pace and its inevitable integration into our daily lives is going to change our lives. But we do not have to make the Matrix movie crushing choice between taking the red or blue pill…


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