Catch ELAND Tokens (video contest)!

This campaign have involved people all over the world, to go out and catch Eland Tokens and share their favourite places in the World. It has been an amazing experience and we wish to thank all participants who will receive as a reward 1000 ELAND Token.

10 Videos have been selected for the coming votes and prize pools of :

  • 10 000 ELAND Tokens for the 1st place.
  • 5000 ELAND Tokens for the 2nd place.
  • 2000 ELAND Tokens for the 3rd place.

The votes will start on Wednesday 19th and will end on Sunday 23th. This will be announced on Telegram with our community voting for the best video!

Here are the 10 videos selected for the vote:

  2. Catching Etherland in Bergen
  3. Etherland in the French Alps
  4. Catching an Etherland balloon in Eede in the Netherlands
  5. Catching a Balloon in Bonn — Duisdorf, Germany —
  6. Catch Etherland in Paris
  7. Etherland balloons on shore
  8. Catching a ballon in Etherland — Pula, Croatia
  9. Hiking to catch Etherland !
  10. Catching an Etherland balloon in Westdorpe — the Netherlands

+1 video tutorial made in Spanish language:




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