Catch LAND ID NFTs and crypto prizes using Augmented Reality!

Etherland is all about the connection with the world that surround us. While technology can bring us into a virtual world, it can also make us closer than ever to reality. The Etherland mobile app is a new way to experience your surrounding and far beyond while getting rewarded! Dive into the World’s unique Metaverse, travel the globe and own NFTs of your favorite places!

4 min readApr 8, 2021

Catch LAND ID and ELAND prizes!

Inside the app, every prize is displayed on the world map and linked to precise geographic coordinates. Look for the ones close to you and travel to the location. Once arrived, open the Augmented Reality Mode, aim at the token and tap it to catch your prize.

Every Augmented Reality treasure hides a mystery to discover!

You may obtain up to 1000 ELAND tokens or even get a LAND ID!

To celebrate the launch of the app, 1 Million ELAND Tokens, 10 LAND IDs and 10 Vouchers to create your LAND ID will be released for free! This giveaway will spread throughout the globe for you to catch from 15th April to 15th May!

  • Every AR catched may gives a reward of 100, 200, 500 or 1000 ELAND Tokens! (distribution to participants Ethereum wallets just after the end of the campaign MAY 15).
  • Some AR do not give ELANDs but instead holds a precious NFT!
  • On top of that, participants who make a video catching balloons will receive 1000 ELANDs! Go to video contest announcement click link
Link to Angkor Wat on OpenSea

All in one!

Access the wallet section to see all the rewards you have collected from your hunt. You can also use the app go directly to the Etherland marketplace where over $1.5M in LAND ID has already been exchanged. If you get a LAND ID, you can always exchange it on the marketplace if you wish or use your newly acquired ELANDs to buy the NFT of a place of your choice!

The mobile app is a center piece of the Etherland vision. Its first feature; on location drops, is used to reward the community and embark you on a journey to explore your surroundings. Once the LAND ID registration feature is released, the app will also be used to create your own NFTs of your favorite places directly on site. Enter a bit of information, take a few pictures and you have made your first LAND ID!

While the app is first released on the Google Play Store for Android users, it is coming next to the Apple App Store! Start exploring the world in a new way and get rewarded!

Get today the Etherland Mobile App on the Google Play Store!

download link

Note: Some countries residents and citizens are excluded to participate in the giveaway. Those are the ones mentioned in websites terms of use. The restrictions to access this offer includes USA, China and other countries mentioned. The offer is limited to 3 Cryptocurrency AR Balloon + 1 Landmark AR caught per wallet, account, person and for the duration of this campaign. Players have to be of more than 18 years of age or at the age of majority in their respective countries. Multiple accounts use will automatically suspend the participant and cancel the rewards. When you catch the balloon, you have to be at a minimum of 35 meters of distance. Also we have added a security feature to check you are really at the location: you are on the spot and you still can’t catch the balloons try to geolocalize again by reloading the map (click profile and back to the map) or logout and login. The distribution from the mobile app to the Ethereum wallet will happen just after May 15, at the end of the campaign. For phone users that experience phone compatibility issues due to Google Android restrictions, you may use the following link:




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