Catch LAND ID NFTs and crypto prizes using Augmented Reality!

Etherland is all about the connection with the world that surround us. While technology can bring us into a virtual world, it can also make us closer than ever to reality. The Etherland mobile app is a new way to experience your surrounding and far beyond while getting rewarded! Dive into the World’s unique Metaverse, travel the globe and own NFTs of your favorite places!

Catch LAND ID and ELAND prizes!

You may obtain up to 1000 ELAND tokens or even get a LAND ID!

  • Every AR catched may gives a reward of 100, 200, 500 or 1000 ELAND Tokens! (distribution to participants Ethereum wallets just after the end of the campaign MAY 15).
  • Some AR do not give ELANDs but instead holds a precious NFT!
  • On top of that, participants who make a video catching balloons will receive 1000 ELANDs! Go to video contest announcement click link
Link to Angkor Wat on OpenSea

All in one!

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