Catch NFTs with your Mobile Phone!

The coming mobile application for Etherland will be released during April 2021 and will include 3D Augmented Reality models that are linked with your Land Identification Tokens. You will be able to receive your precious NFT of places directly to your Ethereum Wallet once you have caught the corresponding AR. For real estate property owners, the AR will be sent directly to their location. By catching the valuable AR, you will validate your ownership and the LAND ID will be received in your Ethereum ERC20 wallet.

Go check already on the to see if the NFT of your dream doesn’t exist yet. If you love a place in the World and you think it deserves to get more presence on the web through Etherland’s Estatepedia or you are the real owner and want to digitalise that property to benefit from traceability, an extra layer of ownership proof, or you just want to speculate on the future prices of NFTs? All reasons are good to tokenise places on the Wolrd Metaverse. You will soon be able to fill in the form on the Etherland platform, with the information required and your LAND ID Token will be processed and an AR will be sent directly to your location!



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