Digital Owners of Real World Places

Creating a worldwide community of decentralised digital landowners.

4 min readNov 25, 2020


More than 200 000 years ago, the first humans migrated from Africa to Europe and then to all other continents and claimed the newly discovered land plots as their own. They then started to unite as communities, first assembling as tribes, villages, cities then regions and states, writing along the treaties defining borders to keep the acquired fields within their communities. What was at the time inexpensive foreign land, free to claim, then became highly valuable real estate property.

For ages, they were no notary system, no cadaster, no paperwork, no land registry and obviously no internet. The first system was not far from Blockchain technology. All the people in the village knowing each other could testify the ownership of one owner. It was a very good system because humans were transmitting the information from one another so it couldn’t be destroyed. But the flaws were obvious, the precision of the borders, inheritance, lack of formal documentation in case of transmission… The system needed to evolve.

It is thousands of year later that centralised states land registry systems were created, in developed countries, about 200 years ago. In France, Napoleon created the first centralised cadaster in 1807. From those days, in many countries, the cadaster system has not evolved much. Some countries still don’t even have a formal cadaster. No cadaster meaning no ownership security. Compared to the « human testifying land registries”, other issues arrived, loss of documentation, conflict of interest, corruption, abusive expropriation and costly procedures of administration.

Blockchain technology is the solution: a decentralised human chain of people testifying that the owner is right and no high admin cost any more, no possible loss of documentation. Now it is receivable legal proof… This is why we are creating the next land registry system. All decentralised and digitalized, we are building a Metaverse representing the real world on the Ethereum Blockchain. This will trigger a new pioneer era, the conquest of the Earth’s metaverse.

As history repeats itself, humanity is still craving conquest, property ownership and development. The next big opportunity for humans to transcend themselves by mimicking their past behaviour is space exploration. Of course, when technology will really allow it. Meanwhile, new promising technologies as AI, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Social Communication and Internet applications are developing at a fast pace.

Consequently, the data is growing online and everyone is looking for visibility to distinguish from the mass of information, making it harder and harder to separate the deceptive information from the real one. Well, thanks to blockchain technology, we overcame that issue. With a unique NFT token representing one physical real-estate property on a digital cadaster while containing a vast array of information on said property, it is now impossible for hackers, scammers, bad faith marketers and social engineers to fraud.

By making everyone owner of their information on-chain and being able to modify it accordingly, we aim to empower people with the unique experience of owning a reliable digital land token matched to a real existing place. Years from now, we will look back at those early days when a few pioneers started to tokenize their land properties online, to secure their land ownership rights and bring visibility to their up for sale properties.

What is our vision?

We are aiming to replicate our ideal future vision of the industry.

Exchanging with an ELAND cryptocurrency, NFT lands representing real-world places with blockchain wallets, while having all the data stored in a totally decentralised manner, thanks to the IPFS technology.

By doing so, we aim to create a unique and immutable digital identity counterpart on the Blockchain for every property on Earth where owners can control their information input and get verified. This will enable our digital property owners to promote their real estates across our web platform, media channels and through our technological solutions.

And finally, because we know that future human growth and development is intrinsically linked to a healthy ecological environment, we will soon also power crowdfunding initiatives to help industries develop their businesses and power green initiatives, birthing from the users and rewarding the donators.




Digitalizing real-estate properties and their owners' legal documents, granting unhinged traceability and immutability through Blockchain and IPFS technologies.