Etherland Mobile App Video Contest

Catch Etherland balloons on your Mobile app while making a video, post it on Youtube, send us an email with the link and get rewarded with cryptocurrencies!

2 min readApr 26, 2021


As the number of users of Etherland’s Mobile App is growing, we need to share with the world our experience.

That is why we are asking our balloons hunters to take a video of them catching the augmented reality models and we will reward them with 1000 ELAND Tokens! Yes you heard it right 1000!

So when you go out hunting, you may find and catch balloons that gives you 100, 200, 500 or 1000 and on top of that if you make a video while capturing the AR balloon, you will get an extra 1000 ELAND Token reward for your participation and you have a chance to win the contest for the best video and get the prize of 10 000 ELANDs!

The rules are very simple, you just need to make the video while you catch a balloon, post it on youtube and send us the link by email with your ETH address or you may also send the video with the same email you used with your Etherland mobile application.

There is just one other thing… Mention Etherland and the name of the location your balloon was catched in the title! And the videos must reach a certain level of quality to be accepted in the reward scheme, meaning a clear visualisation of the balloon and rewards catched in the mobile application while highlighting the Etherland brand.

You may also send us you video clip by email at if you don’t know how to post it on youtube.

So let’s not waste more time! Download the app and go find those gems before someone else does!

Etherland on Google Play

This offer is valid until May 15th 2021 and limited to the first 100 Participants.

More information on the campaign:




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