Introducing the ELAND token, Welcome to Etherland!

ELAND is an upgraded ERC20 blockchain protocol for use mainly in serious gaming, data storage, green projects and real estate applications. We believe in changing the Agricultural data and management sector for the better. All the same, we can go further by enlarging the scope of applications for the benefit of the whole Real Estate sector.

  • The Agricultural Land software application is still being in the development stage and a lot of progress has been made.
  • Pushing the whole Real Estate sector into the Green Economy: we have conceptualised a new type of Carbon Credit Reward platform for Real Estates. EVERY Eco-friendly real estate digitalized on the World Metaverse will be rewarded in tokens to incentive owners into transforming their property into environmental friendly places.
  • In the 2nd quarter of 2021, the mobile app and registration for custom NFT’s of places will be live. And we will then have more information on upcoming applications.

Meanwhile, Today we are excited to announce the use of ELAND tokens on the Etherland’s World Metaverse platform, bringing Global Real Estate, NFT collectibles and DeFi together!

Etherland is People’s Digital Layer of our World…

Embark today on a journey across the World’s Metaverse to visit, exchange and create Land Identification Tokens representing real-world places! Etherland is the bridge we all need between the digital and the real world to simplify, control and access this global data.

From your neighbourhood restaurant to a famous landmark monument such as the Eiffel Tower, to your own house, Etherland is the webspace where secure, decentralised and immutable on-chain data meets advanced visualization tools existing on the internet. Etherland is the next generation of interoperable Real Estate platform wiki and social media for Real Estate. You can navigate through real estates data photo, videos and description on our coming friendly user interface.

The marketplace is already live! And the first tokenised places displayed on Etherland’s interconnected Estapedia will be connected to your LAND ID tokens during February!

On the World Metaverse, every Land identification token represents a unique location or place in the world. Those property tokens, called LAND ID, can be exchanged on our marketplace and will be soon available for swapping on Decentralized Exchange platforms. Holding a Digital Land gives you the right to change or create content for the associated property on the Metaverse we are building.

Don’t miss out on the opening of the ELAND tokens swapping on Uniswap DEX in February! And be prepared to collect the best LAND ID places in the world!

Eland Atlas Ltd is a leader in building concepts and products using Web, E-commerce, Blockchain, IPFS, AI, AR and IoT technologies. for serious gaming applications relating to data, Mapping, Agriculture, Environment and Real-Estate.