Own your favorite Surfing spot on the Etherland Metaverse!

This LAND ID will allow surfers and beach lovers to share their performances and the best moments in pictures and video on the Unique Estatepedia of the Surfing Post. You want to own a Beach Surfing Spot on the World Metaverse?


The time will come when the Etherland World Metaverse will allow LAND ID owners to display images, videos and advertisement on this 2nd layer of our World.

Imagine one moment what will happen once a big surfing event happens on the spot where you own the LAND ID? This will be your time to monetize it, place advertisements, maybe rent it?

Everything is possible in the future.

The auctions on LAND IDs representing the 10 best surfing spots in the world will start Sunday 16th May 2021.

For now let’s look at this Youtube video above and enjoy the relaxing surfing beach atmosphere…

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