Receive your NFT in your home!

To celebrate the launch of the registry, the first 50 eligible LAND IDs will be created and distributed for free! Do you already have a place in mind, or do you want to register your own house? Read the full article and get prepared for registering the most amazing places of our planet! The adventure begins Wednesday, May 5th!

4 min readApr 29, 2021

The NFT game is getting serious as Etherland Team is now launching its custom registration of LAND IDs. From May 5th 2021, users will now be able to order and receive their NFTs directly to their home!

While you fill the registration form on or use the Etherland’s mobile app, you can now choose to receive your NFT directly to your home using the geolocalization drop. Just indicate the coordinates of the place you stay in order to receive your NFT and the LAND ID balloon will fly to your house! For that, you will need to download the mobile app to catch the balloon that will be sent to your location.*

Real Estate 2.0 becomes reality: register a place on the Blockchain!

Real Estate 2.0 or the digitalisation of the global real estate has been awaited for a long time. Many sectors have been transformed by the internet revolution and now the financial world is going through an exciting period of change thanks to DeFi, NFT applications and the Blockchain.

However, sectors like the Real Estate industry is in need of innovation. The day has finally come to bring decentralization to the Real Estate sector and shape the Real Estate 2.0. Etherland has created the tools with which it is now possible to digitalize the global real estate; a registry that would be transparent, secure, and accessible to everyone thanks to the Blockchain technology.

In their present form, real estate data and information are often difficult to access, outdated or lack transparency. This situation has already resulted in creating frauds over the authenticity of the data, not counting the thousands of disputes over ownership and borders when the precious land information has been lost. Registering real estate data in a decentralized manner solve many problems that may be encountered when thinking about accessibility, transparency and security. A duplicate of ownership certificates cannot be created, and the data cannot be lost or altered by a corrupted central entity.

This is the reason why Etherland is enabling the registry of real estate information on the Blockchain in the form on a non-fungible ERC721 token while using IPFS, a decentralized storage solution, to store all the metadata regarding the property. The accessibility to this information and having a mean to exchange it is what will make the conditions for P2P property ownership transactions a reality in the near future.

The real estate industry has not completely benefited yet from all the tools and advantages of the internet revolution. With the idea of modernizing the concept of the cadaster and integrating Blockchain and IPFS solutions, Etherland has created the Estatepedia where information such as the characteristics of the real estate, visuals, videos, and different mapping visualisation solutions are available for registering a real estate. The Estatepedia not only serves as the encyclopedia for the global Real Estate, but it also brings visibility to a public landmark, your private property, or a business that wants more exposure and visibility!

The adventure begins Wednesday, May 5th 2021!

Registration Information

Registration will open on May 5th 2021. To register for the event, just click on Register a Place section in your menu (within the Etherland app or website). The option to register will be available on the specific day mentioned above.

  • After the registration begins, you will be asked to answer a few questions relating to your digitalized Real Estate and provide some files such as geolocalization (coordinates on Google Map), pictures and descriptions.
  • The first 50 registered places that completes the form accurately will be eligible for the creation of a free NFT.

Note: the application is going through moderation and Etherland’s team will reserve the right to refuse some applications if the digitalisation is not possible due to our process of selection that takes many aspects such as copyrights violation, trademark but also ethics and morals.

*Receiving your LAND ID at a location is an option that is left to the users that creates NFT of world places that are in the public domain but it is a mandatory feature for all owners who wish to verify their real estate as it will act as another layer of identity verification. 50 NFTs are given away for free, this offer is limited to one NFT per user and Etherland reserves the right to ask KYC at anytime.




Digitalizing real-estate properties and their owners' legal documents, granting unhinged traceability and immutability through Blockchain and IPFS technologies.