The Real EstateTransition is Beginning!

Dear community,

At the beginning of 2021, we will launch the World’s Metaverse where all properties of our Planet will get their Identification on the Ethereum Blockchain.

All ELAND token holders will be invited to the VIP Non-Fungible token sales where they will be able to acquire NFTs representing Real World Places.

It is still time to acquire ELAND tokens for this exclusive event at the next sale round that will take place in December (see road map below).

The World’s Metaverse is at the crossroads between the real and virtual world. Some Digital Land Properties will not have rights attached to the Real Properties they represent. In contrast, others will soon go through a verification process to check that the owner of the Digital Property is actually the owner of the Real Property it represents.

Owning a Digital Land ID token on the World’s Metaverse has many advantages:

You own a Real Estate Land identification token and you want to have access to all the services we provide. You will be enabled to secure your Digital Land by filling our form. You do not need to pass the verification process at first; you have to fill the form, and we will tokenise your asset for you on the Metaverse.

For the 1st time, you are in control of the creation and presentation of your NFT. We will create it for you with the information you have provided and then you can update it at any time. However, you may only change it to make it look better and enhance content accuracy.

If you don’t actually own or do not have the budget to own real estate, you will be able to play with your Digital Real Estate, creating content (photos, videos), increase its visibility on the net and much more to come… By valorising it, you can also expect that one day the owner of the Real Property will want to claim its Digital Property and then resale it at a much higher price.

Once you have acquired your Land Real Estate NFT, you can start to collect rewards on your it. We will provide you with the solution to stake your Digital Assets beginning 2021.

Sign up today and get ready for the event that will revolution the Global Real Estate!



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