What is real estate identification on the Blockchain?

Blockchain is only a mean, and will never be an end in itself. For the technology to find its place in the real economy, there are considerable efforts to make from projects leaders to understand and analyze the precise integration of the technology in their use cases. Our mission has always been to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to mass adoption. We believe the best way to connect both worlds, is through serious gaming. Over the years, we have put an unimaginable amount of energy into conceptualizing, testing and developing a functional solution for land property identification that hides the complex technology behind blockchain identity management to ensure that our business model is suitable for a mass audience. Here are some of the core components that make up our solution.

The problem is for the average Jo who wants to build and maintain his own digital property data in the blockchain world throughout the Non-Fungible ERC721 technology, it is often too difficult.

With our interoperable platform and customer service, we make the process of real estate property tokenization easy. It will be now possible to store your information on Blockchain and IPFS decentralized network with a high level of security will exchanging you Land ID in a few clicks.

With this efficiency, it is surely only a matter of time before governments begin to harness the blockchain’s potential of a globalized blockchain property identification repertory. The possibility of introducing blockchain to real land transactions means that countries land registries are seeking a fully functional global blockchain register. Blockchain technology has many features that provide a more efficient way for the content to be stored in land registers. It is also important that all information stored on a blockchain land registry system is kept up to date.

The implementation of a global blockchain-supported register for real estate is already in concept and prototype phase but has yet to be implemented in production. Some projects are already working on Blockchain registries. Vermont has explored the idea of routinely placing title documents on the blockchain. The Swedish government has also started to register land and real estate using blockchain. But not have achieved to create a user friendly and globally decentralized registry.

After long analysis and testing, we believe the most efficient way to produce a reliable decentralized land registry is through IPFS, Augmented Reality and NFT technologies.

The concept is to create a global blockchain property registry that would have to begin by labelling real estates as a digital asset, creating a representation of the property, like an ID that could be verified, recognized and tracked on the Blockchain.

Trust in the input of those records into the blockchain becomes crucial because the same security and privacy protections will ultimately be secure on the same legal framework as the country itself. Blockchain use could provide highly secure proprietary evidence that cannot be manipulated.

Etherland registry can potentially provide decentralized evidence that allows individuals to prove their land rights giving scope for the authorities to work actively within the Ethereum blockchain registration environment. Huge amounts of data, such as land ownership, property ownership, and ownership history, can help to establish standardized land registration procedures and prevent land fraud.

The land title and transaction is timestamped on the Etherland blockchain. Land rights are documented through the transfer of ownership from one owner to the next. This allows real estate records on the blockchain to provide potential buyers with quick and easy verification of an owner of a property. The Etherland Registration Platform allows you to upload images and title documentation to its blockchain network. Because blockchain uses smart contracts, the land registration process can also be accelerated by updating the register when buyers transfer ownership using our registration form.