What is real estate identification on the Blockchain?

Blockchain is only a mean, and will never be an end in itself. For the technology to find its place in the real economy, there are considerable efforts to make from projects leaders to understand and analyze the precise integration of the technology in their use cases. Our mission has always been to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to mass adoption. We believe the best way to connect both worlds, is through serious gaming. Over the years, we have put an unimaginable amount of energy into conceptualizing, testing and developing a functional solution for land property identification that hides the complex technology behind blockchain identity management to ensure that our business model is suitable for a mass audience. Here are some of the core components that make up our solution.

Always keeping in mind our customers and the commercialization of our products, we are bridging the huge gap between the blockchain digitalized economies and the commonly established industries of real estate. Etherland uses the Ethereum network to register and store real addresses and geographical places that reflect the actual address of your property and the location of the property itself.