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Creating a worldwide community of decentralised digital landowners.

More than 200 000 years ago, the first humans migrated from Africa to Europe and then to all other continents and claimed the newly discovered land plots as their own. They then started to unite as communities, first assembling as tribes, villages, cities then regions and states, writing along the treaties defining borders to keep the acquired fields within their communities. What was at the time inexpensive foreign land, free to claim, then became highly valuable real estate property.

For ages, they were no notary system, no cadaster, no paperwork, no land registry and obviously no internet. The first system…

NFT is a hot market, however, is it possible to create NFTs out of everything? There is an obvious answer to that… The Non-Fungible Tokens are new, so to last in time, they have to respect the laws of each and every country regarding image copyrights. Fortunately, creators of LAND IDs can follow those simple rules to check if a place is or not under a copyright law. Here is the ultimate guide to read before submitting a LAND ID to Etherland’s marketplace.

Etherland’s applications to Real Estate applies a strict process of verification and moderation in order to check that the LAND ID submitted do respect copyright and trademark laws.

What place can I register on the World Metaverse?

There are two type of registration: as the actual owner or not.

Obtaining a verified status as the actual owner:

If you wish to register a residential home or a business and receive the “verified” status on your LAND ID, you need to be the owner of the physical real estate you want to represent in the Etherland’s Metaverse. More information to identify you as the real owner will be demanded such as a complete KYC and a picture of the certificate of ownership…

To celebrate the launch of the registry, the first 50 eligible LAND IDs will be created and distributed for free! Do you already have a place in mind, or do you want to register your own house? Read the full article and get prepared for registering the most amazing places of our planet! The adventure begins Wednesday, May 5th!

The NFT game is getting serious as Etherland Team is now launching its custom registration of LAND IDs. From May 5th 2021, users will now be able to order and receive their NFTs directly to their home!

While you fill the registration form on or use the Etherland’s mobile app, you can now choose to receive your NFT directly to your home using the geolocalization drop. Just indicate the coordinates of the place you stay in order to receive your NFT and the LAND ID balloon will fly to your house! …

We have noticed last months an overall increase of side chain solutions due to increasing gas fees on the Ethereum Blockchain. This has shown a clear vulnerability in terms of ETH scalibility. However, new DEFI systems and Smart Contracts solutions are emerging and that is a good sign for adoption (for Ethereum, Etherland and all other Blockchain dapps).

A lot of things have been going on for Etherland, as we are now moving to another step of development with a custom registration of NFTs of places in the world. That is a good time to share with you our thoughts and analysis of the overall blockchain environment as this evolution looks promising.

So let’s jump straight to the subject!

We have noticed lately that the gas fees have tremendously decreased on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is due largely due to the fact that many yield farming projects like AAVE are moving to Polygon (MATIC). …

Catch Etherland balloons on your Mobile app while making a video, post it on Youtube, send us an email with the link and get rewarded with cryptocurrencies!

As the number of users of Etherland’s Mobile App is growing, we need to share with the world our experience.

That is why we are asking our balloons hunters to take a video of them catching the augmented reality models and we will reward them with 1000 ELAND Tokens! Yes you heard it right 1000!

So when you go out hunting, you may find and catch balloons that gives you 100, 200, 500 or 1000 and on top of that if you make a video while capturing the AR balloon, you will get an extra 1000 ELAND Token reward for…

Etherland is all about the connection with the world that surround us. While technology can bring us into a virtual world, it can also make us closer than ever to reality. The Etherland mobile app is a new way to experience your surrounding and far beyond while getting rewarded! Dive into the World’s unique Metaverse, travel the globe and own NFTs of your favorite places!

Catch LAND ID and ELAND prizes!

Inside the app, every prize is displayed on the world map and linked to precise geographic coordinates. Look for the ones close to you and travel to the location. Once arrived, open the Augmented Reality Mode, aim at the token and tap it to catch your prize.

Every Augmented Reality treasure hides a mystery to discover!

You may obtain up to 1000 ELAND tokens or even get a LAND ID!

To celebrate the launch of the app, 1 Million ELAND Tokens, 10 LAND IDs and 10 Vouchers to create your LAND ID will be released for free! …

Welcome to Etherland AR mobile App application and catch NFTs with your phone! Etherland AR mobile app will enable users to catch and get LAND ID Tokens in their wallet. A few of Etherland’s NFT of places will be FREE and hidden on the World Metaverse map. When you locate one of those gems, just go to that precise location, open the Augmented Reality mode and tap the coin to collect it!

The coming mobile application for Etherland will be released during April 2021 and will include 3D Augmented Reality models that are linked with your Land Identification Tokens. You will be able to receive your precious NFT of places directly to your Ethereum Wallet once you have caught the corresponding AR. For real estate property owners, the AR will be sent directly to their location. By catching the valuable AR, you will validate your ownership and the LAND ID will be received in your Ethereum ERC20 wallet.

Since the beginning of the year, the crypto market has opened its eyes to the (non-fungible token) NFT market. Movie stars, famous artists, crypto-whales, traders and investment funds have built a large portfolio of NFT Tokens. Lately, Elon Musk wife, Grimes has created her own collection with a debut auction that sold in 20 minutes for 5.8M.

As a result, the market has gained momentum and there is still plenty of space for potential growth because it is small compared to the overall crypto market of 1.4 Trillion USD (as the time we write).

“In fact, the non-fungible token (NFT) market tripled in 2020, with the total value of transactions increasing by 299% year on year to more than $250m, according to a new study released by, an NFT market analyst firm. Developed with support from foresight business L’Atelier BNP Paribas, the report — the third annual study of the NFT market — finds that NFTs…

As the number of applications connected to the internet rises, the number of centralized stores of data increases. However, this model is hardly scalable nor sustainable. A new solution called IPFS is born that allows us to store all our data in all the computers in the world without having to use centralised system providers.

What is the major issue with Internet?

The Amazon Web Services outages from last November showed the world how Spotify, Autodesk, Coinbase, Flickr and other big mainstream platforms are overly exposed to full-service stoppage when their web-hosting providers are down.

Yet, such fragility is not surprising when we look back at how…


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