Creating a worldwide community of decentralised digital landowners.

More than 200 000 years ago, the first humans migrated from Africa to Europe and then to all other continents and claimed the newly discovered land plots as their own. They then started to unite as communities, first assembling as tribes, villages, cities then regions and states, writing along the treaties defining borders to keep the acquired fields within their communities. What was at the time inexpensive foreign land, free to claim, then became highly valuable real estate property.

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For ages, they were no notary system, no cadaster, no paperwork, no land registry and obviously no internet. The first system…

Creating a Land Identification token of your favourite place in the World will make you a digital landowner.

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We are entering the world of Digitalization. No sectors will be left apart and real estate is at the center of all services. Etherland is an interoperable platform embedding different technological solution with its own decentralized network for storing data of Real-World places. It will enable people to create and own a digital LAND ID of any place or real estate in the World. Owning a piece of this World’s Metaverse will empower people with control over the information scattered over the internet and will let them become digital owners!

In their current form, real estate data and information is often difficult to access, outdated and lacking transparency. Even worst, we don’t have one place where to store, display and trace our real estate information. This in the long term may result in creating frauds over the authenticity of the data, not counting the thousands of disputes over ownership and borders when the precious land information has been lost.

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Since the internet revolution, the number of technologies at our disposal to change the real estate sector have grown tremendously. Not only we now have tools like the Blockchain bringing security and immutability to the data, but we have better mapping software, decentralized cloud networks, and different visualization tools like AR.

In other words, we have many ways to improve the user experience while creating more reliable real estate identification registries. …

The time has come to leave FIELDCOIN and let ELAND lead the way. ELAND is an upgraded ERC20 blockchain protocol for use mainly in serious gaming, data storage, green projects and real estate applications. We believe in changing the Agricultural data and management sector for the better. All the same, we can go further by enlarging the scope of applications for the benefit of the whole Real Estate sector.

For ELAND blockchain applications, only the World is the limit!

  • The Fieldcoin Agricultural Land software application is still being in the development stage and a lot of progress has been made.
  • Pushing the whole Real Estate sector into the Green Economy: we have conceptualised a new type of Carbon Credit Reward platform for Real Estates. EVERY Eco-friendly real estate digitalized on the World Metaverse will be rewarded in tokens to incentive owners into transforming their property into environmental friendly places.
  • In mid-2021, we would have more information on release road maps for those software applications.

Meanwhile, Today we are excited to announce the use of ELAND tokens on the…

Digital layers are slowly overtaking the real world. Humans are losing control and freedom. To tackle this issue, thinking outside of the box like we often do nowadays, is not enough. We have to recreate the box and its interactions.

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“Take the Red Pill or Blue Pill?” Is there another choice?

Morpheus to Neo: “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

The digitalisation of our society is growing at a fast pace and its inevitable integration into our daily lives is going to change our lives. But we do not have to make the Matrix movie crushing choice between taking the red or blue pill…

Blockchain is only a mean, and will never be an end in itself. For the technology to find its place in the real economy, there are considerable efforts to make from projects leaders to understand and analyze the precise integration of the technology in their use cases. Our mission has always been to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to mass adoption. We believe the best way to connect both worlds, is through serious gaming. Over the years, we have put an unimaginable amount of energy into conceptualizing, testing and developing a functional solution for land property identification that hides the complex technology behind blockchain identity management to ensure that our business model is suitable for a mass audience. Here are some of the core components that make up our solution.

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Always keeping in mind our customers and the commercialization of our products, we are bridging the huge gap between the blockchain digitalized economies and the commonly established industries of real estate. Etherland uses the Ethereum network to register and store real addresses and geographical places that reflect the actual address of your property and the location of the property itself.

The problem is for the average Jo who wants to build and maintain his own digital property data in the blockchain world throughout the Non-Fungible ERC721 technology, it is often too difficult.

With our interoperable platform and customer service, we make the process of real estate property tokenization easy. It will be now possible to store your information on Blockchain and IPFS decentralized network with a high level of security will exchanging you Land ID in a few clicks.

We are delighted to introduce today a universal decentralized Real Estate identification code built on the Ethereum Blockchain. With Etherland’s Land ID token marketplace launch, the real estate revolution has begun. The 1st milestone is to connect real estates with the Digital Earth Metaverse.

One Land ID token for each real estate in the World

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With this classification, every real estate in the world will have its own and unique Land ID number. Connected with Etherland’s blockchain using ERC721 Non-Fungible technology, this code will enable the identification of every property on Earth.

Why create a Universal real estate code on the blockchain?

In many places on Earth, there is no formal authentication, and when those national cadasters exist, many lack accuracy and transparency.

The Universal real estate Code is permanent, fixed, borderless and immutable. …

Everyone talks about coins and tokens. Everyone talks about Blockchain, but have we really discussed crypto “real-world” use cases? Have we discussed NFT tokens? With the fast-growing market of Non-Fungible tokens, it is now time to discuss this advanced and newest form of token that maybe the “NEXT BIG THING” in crypto.

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Non-fungible tokens are unique; they have different characteristics to distinguished from each other. There is a lot to understand about how to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the digital asset they represent.
First, non-fungible tokens allow creating identifiable digital properties that are similar to cryptocurrencies but used to represent a specific asset such as property, property rights or even property characteristics. Below we will see what exactly a non-fungible token is, why there are different ways to use NFT tokens, and how they differ from fungibles tokens.

For those who are unfamiliar with NFT, it stands for the non-fungible token…

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Dear community,

At the beginning of 2021, we will launch the World’s Metaverse where all properties of our Planet will get their Identification on the Ethereum Blockchain.

All ELAND token holders will be invited to the VIP Non-Fungible token sales where they will be able to acquire NFTs representing Real World Places.

It is still time to acquire ELAND tokens for this exclusive event at the next sale round that will take place in December (see road map below).

The World’s Metaverse is at the crossroads between the real and virtual world. Some Digital Land Properties will not have rights attached to the Real Properties they represent. In contrast, others will soon go through a verification process to check that the owner of the Digital Property is actually the owner of the Real Property it represents.

Owning a Digital Land ID token on the World’s Metaverse has many advantages:

You own a Real Estate Land identification token and you want to have access to all the services we provide. You will be enabled to secure your Digital Land by…

In a turbulent global economic and sanitary context, coupled with great technological innovations like DEFI, entering this new decade, the Real Estate Property market will never be the same again…

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Cryptocurrencies projects have completed tremendous technological milestones on the Ethereum Blockchain, enabling people to get one step nearer to being their own bank and decentralised digital owners.

In this context, the World needs healing. And with the support of all our community, our team and the technological innovations at hand, we will participate in rebuilding the world starting from our Real Estate.

Because of those reasons, Eland token applications that were due to be launched in spring of 2020 were postponed in this new global context, to integrate customised DEFI solutions and enlarge our targeted sector.

As a result of…


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